Come Learn & Grow in Five-year-old Kindergarten!!
By the end of the Kindergarten school year, each of the students will have the skills to move on to 1st grade. These skills include the following: Writing and Reading (letters, one and two vowel words, sight words, high frequency words), addition combinations through the sum of 10, subtraction (1 and the whole number), telling time (to the hour, quarter hour, half hour, quarter to the next hour), money, shapes, colors, basic science and social studies, music and much more! We have many special events that take place throughout the year that make Kindergarten even more memorable! 
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Readers are leaders! 
Please read to your child!
Our kindergarten class is an outstanding program 
to prepare young children for their years of school.
The ABeka Curriculum is taught in our kindergarten classes.
Language & Phonics
Beginnings and Foundation
    - Listening to stories, nursery rhymes and poetry
  - Learning the ABC's recognition of name, sound, and pictures
   - Formation of upper and lower case letters
    - Learning reading blends; short and long vowel sounds
   - By the end of 2nd semester, the students will be reading short sentences with
       one vowel sounds
  - Learning listening skills, colors, shapes, animals, transportation, community helpers,  
       health, safety, manners, science
Small Motor Development
    - Developing large and small motor skills through tracing lines, shapes, scribbles, cutting, lacing, painting, gluing, etc.
    - Hand eye coordination through coloring, cutting, painting ...

  - Each morning we enjoy learning about Bible characters form the Old and New Testament. We learn Bible verses that
        help the children learn godly characteristics. We sing songs, learn our pledges and have a chapel service every week.

   - Introduction to numbers and counting to 100
      - Learn number concepts; greater than; less than
     - Recognize and concept of basic shape and colors
      - Sorting and evaluation
      - Learn addition and subtraction facts
   - Singing is a big part of beginning our day. After we say the pledges, 
     we sing patriotic and Bible songs.
  - What could be more fun than learning through art. Learning through using a paint brush, fingers, sponges, crayons, clay,
       etc. We do special themes and seasons. Parents are always welcomed to help!
Science & Social Studies
  - Most of our preschoolers do not get to explore the world but we try to bring the world to your child through Science & 
        Social Studies. We look at the different cultures and learn about them. We also learn about the planets and weather.
Physical Education
  - Running, jumping, climbing, and balance
    - These are done by inside play, outside play, organized games, and free play
 4 Year Old Preschool Curriculum